Thursday, January 2, 2014

November Wrap-Up

So here we are, at the end of December. More than six weeks have passed since I last posted here on Will and Hallie's page. My absence began because of the tornado that demolished Aunt Sara and Uncle Jeff's home on Sunday, November 17th (in the weeks that followed that devastating event I dedicated my free time to the relief and recovery effort instead of to this blog), and then continued because of our very busy holiday season.

I intend to return to and then keep up my Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule now that 2014 has begun. To begin with, here's a quick wrap up of the rest of November!
Always doing karate.
My girl thinks our kitchen is too bright first thing in the morning.
Little girls hanging in our hotel room.
The boys opening presents in our hotel room.
Hangin' with this sweet boy.
Thanksgiving football.
At the line.
Incomplete pass.
Playing beanbags w/ Grandpa.
It's possible the girls didn't stand regulation distance from the boards.
It's tough to get Lily to smile for photos, but I'm
alright with that - I love the rest of her "looks".

"We Are Pilgrams"

"We Are Indians"

And now, on to December!

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