Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time to Shine

Since September, every trip to Target has included a lengthy stop in front of the toy department's Disney princess display. It wasn't the costumes, the accessories, or even the dolls themselves that Hallie found so enticing…it was a plastic, purse-shaped, purple karaoke machine of sorts that played songs sung by the newest Disney princess, Sofia.

Months of practice in the Target aisles meant that when Santa delivered Time to Shine on Christmas morning, Hallie Claire already knew just what to do with her new toy.

Sofia music played on repeat every day of our stay in Nebraska - many who'd never previously heard of Sofia now know all of the words to all of her songs - and now that we're back home, we still listen to Hallie sing duets with Sofia every morning before and every afternoon after school.

We're starting to tire of some of the songs, but if the lyrics, "it's time to rise and shine, wake up and make the world mine" get that child out of bed on time on school mornings she can sing them all she wants.


Farm-Raised said...

Stop it. This is too ridiculously adorable.

Sara Ekena said...

Ok, Lily needs this thing! Target here I come. Then maybe I won't have to play DJ at the computer all the time :) Hallie is getting really good at singing by the way!