Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Wrap-Up

Here's a quick spin through the remainder of my January photos, most of which were taken during the second half of our visit to Nebraska over Christmas vacation and are presented below in no particular order.
No picture of our children is ever taken without someone
either dancing or making faces directly behind my head.
This picture of me, Tom, Laura, Tim, Jenna, and Ferrell at Jenna
and Ferrell's engagement party is one of my favorites from our trip.
On our L…O…N…G drive home from Nebraska we stopped for
dinner at a diner-less Waffle House. Initially the kids were angry
we'd bypassed both McDonalds, but once they realized how fun
an empty restaurant could be, they had a blast.
Oh, and there was a juke box, which they LOVED. They "danced
like no one was watching", and were so entertaining that one lady-
who'd since joined us in the restaurant - took a video of them dancing.
A quick stop in Carver-Hawkeye Arena...
…and in front of Kinnick Stadium.
Getting a good workout indoors can be tough.
With Grandma at the Husker Women's basketball game.
Go Big Red! 
My toothless wonder.
The Ferris girls.
Here's the end of January. Bring it, February!

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