Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Nutcracker

Throughout the years I've seen The Nutcracker a number of times. I enjoy the first act, which revolves around an extravagant Christmas party, and a couple of the more lively dances in the second act, but in general, I don't love spending my time at or my money on the ballet.

To be clear, I like ballet. I especially like watching four-year-olds, like my little Hallie, do ballet. But I don't really like the ballet, for two primary reasons.

First, I strongly dislike watching men in excessively and unnecessarily (at least in my opinion) snug tights jump and twirl. Costumes vary from one productions of The Nutcracker to the next, but I've yet to attend a ballet during which I didn't feel as though I should turn my head or cover my eyes at least once. And while The Nutcracker is billed as a family show, many of the questions Will and Hallie asked after our Nutcracker viewing had to do with a certain male performer's PG costume and body parts.

Second, for me, dancing and singing are a package deal on stage. It doesn't matter how elegant, beautiful, or complex the dancing; when a production doesn't include singing, something is noticeably missing.

All that being said, I wanted to take Will and Hallie to our local production of The Nutcracker this year. Both kids had friends in the show, one of my friends choreographed the party scene, and I knew Hallie would enjoy seeing a bit of what she's learning in dance class up on the stage.

Before the show the boys got their hairs cut, Hallie and I bought bouquets of flowers for friends, and Tom and I took the kids out for lunch...to Buffalo Wild Wings of all places (Will's choice).

The kids loved watching their friends and enjoyed, as I do, the first act and a couple of the dances in the second act. When the professional dancers took the stage, however, Will and Hallie checked out. And then they checked back in long enough to ask me what the heck was going on with "that guy's super tight pants and butt".

After the show we took pictures with a couple of Hallie's friends...
Will photo-bombed Hallie and Vivian.
Kara and Hallie.
…and then Will gave flowers to a girl for the first time.

I honestly can't look at this picture without tearing up…when did my boy get old enough to bring a girl flowers?!

And while I'm certainly not encouraging these two kiddos to grow up any faster than they already are, I love this little mouse and wouldn't be at all upset if in 10 or 11 years I was taking a similar picture of her and Will on their way to prom.

We'll attend our local production of The Nutcracker again next year, but I may have to bring blindfolds for the kids for the second act...

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