Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

As we often do when we're together, my mom, Sara, and I snooped through the photos on each other's phones while hanging out in our hotel room in Chicago. I came across this series of photos, from one of Sara and Jeff's visits to Ann Arbor, on Sara's phone, and am fairly certain they never made it to the blog. They showcase Sara and I trying to get 15-month-old Hallie to sit with us, look at the camera, and smile for a picture, which as you can see, never happened. She's been a pistol from the beginning.

The last picture above is the closest we got to her sitting with us, looking at the camera, and emailing. One out of three ain't bad…

And here are the other two pictures Sara took on her phone that day:

Will and Hallie look so little! And Uncle Jeff looks so refreshed, like a guy who doesn't have kids of his own who keep him up at night! (Sara was preggers with Lily at the time.)

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