Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That's a Wrap: Soccer

It's that time of year, when soccer and baseball and preschool and kindergarten come to an end. Soon we'll also be taking a summer break from gymnastics and karate (a two-month break from gymnastics and a month-long break from karate while we're traveling). It's nice to have a little less on the calendar this month - though we're still having fun and keeping busy with swimming lessons, playdates, and our summer bucket list - but these activities and this year of school were great ones that are hard to bid farewell to!

Hallie played Hot Shots soccer for the second time this spring, and it went about as well as it did last fall. Her attitude fluctuated and she had a couple of spectacular meltdowns - toward the end of the season, interestingly, rather than at the beginning of the season - but she seemed to enjoy herself most of the time. It helped that she knew one of the little boys on her team, and was familiar going in with the style of coaching and type of activities she'd encounter at practice.
Toe taps on top of the ball.
Dribbling. This was one area in which
she improved tremendously this year. 
Stopping the ball with her bottom.
And with her tummy.
And with her cheek.
And then the meltdown began.
This looks like a hug, but it was more like a restraint. She was
kicking and SCREAMING and I was whisper-yelling in her ear
that if she didn't pull herself together she wouldn't get her trophy. 
Finally she was calm enough - barely - to
walk with Daddy to the trophy table.
Will ran approximately 1.5 miles - in 400-yard, timed
sprints - during Hallie's final practice. The kid is a beast.
I hope Hallie continues to play soccer, and as she grows older I'll encourage her to participate in any sport in which she expresses an interest. I'm not entirely sure sports are her "thing" though - if given the choice, she always chooses gymnastics and dance over soccer and bike riding, and she spends quite a bit of her time focused on music and art. I realize it's still far too early to label Hallie as an athlete, a dancer, a musician, and/or an artist, but as an athlete myself, it's disheartening to me to consider the fact that she might not follow in my footsteps. I LOVE being a baseball mom/coach's wife, but I'm not sure I'm dance mom material...we'll find out soon enough though, as Hallie is already registered for dance lessons this fall!

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