Thursday, June 13, 2013

That's a Wrap: Baseball

I had an absolute blast this baseball season. It was so fun to watch Will improve - he worked really hard both at and outside of practice - and I, surprisingly, thoroughly enjoyed the role of Coach's Wife. Turns out my strengths (attentive-to-detail, excessively organized, obsessively early) and personality (extrovert wanna-be) match up pretty well with what's required of a tee-ball coach's wife, or as I preferred to call myself, a tee-ball administrator.

Thankfully, Tom and his co-coach, our friend and Will's best friend Logan's dad, Aaron, also enjoyed themselves and will return to the dugout as co-coaches once again in the fall. I seriously can't wait.
At the plate - Will's batting stance is AWESOME for a six-year-old.
It's a hit!
Working on grounders.
And actually catching the ball.
Will can now throw almost as far as I can.
It's embarrassing.
I have no idea what's stuffed in his left cheek...
Hallie spent a lot of time in her little pink lawn chair this season.
Note the tiny pink My Little Pony crown she's wearing on her head.
Showing off her dance moves while I shuttled
little boys up to bat and back to the bench.
I made one of these magnetic seat markers for each
Mariner so they'd always know where to sit and where
they were in the line-up that day.
Will, #10
Last game, last huddle.
"Go Mariners!"
I LOVE this picture. Hope they all come "back" next fall!

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