Thursday, June 6, 2013

Teeny the Tooth Fairy

Will lost his first tooth about a month ago (I'm a little behind when it comes to some events, and A LOT behind when it comes to others). The tooth had been loose for quite some time - at least a few weeks - and on one particular morning Will decided he'd had enough. Both Tom and I tried unsuccessfully to pull it out, so Will took matters into his own hands: he went into the bathroom, grabbed ahold of the tooth, and yanked on it repeatedly until it finally ripped from his gums. There was quite a bit of blood, but he didn't shed a single tear (which surprised me, because given the carnage left behind after the tooth was gone, pulling it out had to have hurt).
First tooth!
Trying to slow the bleeding so he could go to school.
The gaping hole.
His new smile.

That night, Will put his tooth in his tooth pillow (a gift from Tom's Aunt Teresa just a few months after Will was born - it was exciting for us to finally get to put a tooth in it) before bed. The Tooth Fairy came, but when she arrived, the tooth wasn't in the pillow anymore. Worried that Will was trying to trick her into leaving him both his tooth AND his money, the Tooth Fairy left Will half of his money and a note.
Will with his tooth pillow.
Teeny has really nice handwriting, doesn't she? Considering
the fact that she's a fairy and was writing with her left hand...

The next morning we found the tooth in Will's sheets, and that night Teeny the Tooth Fairy returned and left Will the rest of his money. It was all very exciting.

The speed with which the new tooth has filled the hole in Will's mouth has shocked me. And reminded me that it's time to start saving for braces...

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