Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Bucky Badgers

Whenever we visit Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Paul during the winter months we do our best to watch The Bucky Badgers - as Hallie calls them - play basketball at the Kohl Center. This Christmas we were in Wisconsin for two full weeks, and during that time Will went to three games, Tom went to two games, and Hallie and I went to one game, all with Grandpa Paul.

Will loves going to the games. I THINK he enjoys the basketball, and I know he enjoys hanging out with Grandpa. (The opportunity to either skip rest time or stay up late and fill up on hotdogs, popcorn, and Skittles is just an added bonus.) Hallie loves going to the games, but has made it very clear that it's only because of the candy and Bucky Badger.
The Bucky Badgers are still #3 or #4 on Will's list of schools he'd like to attend (he talks about college more often than I think is normal for a six-year-old), but both he and his little sis look pretty good in red, don't they?

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