Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gingerbread House

Just before (or after - my Christmas break timeline is a little fuzzy) we celebrated Lily's birthday, Will, Hallie, and Lily worked together to create the most gaudy beautiful gingerbread in the world.

Will worked with great intensity, paying careful attention to how his candies were arranged.

Hallie worked quickly, plastering her sides with as many candies as were necessary to completely cover every single square inch of gingerbread.

Lily discovered that, rather than decorating the gingerbread house, she'd prefer to use her candies to transfer royal icing from the side and roof pieces to her mouth.

Lily was VERY upset when it was time to assemble the house and we had to take her side.

The finished product! (Hallie was the only one who stuck around until the house was fully assembled, and the only one who would pose with their creation.)

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