Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Live, From Madison, It's Will Ferris!"

Both Grandpa Paul and camping uncle Jody volunteer for WORT 89.9 FM, Madison's premiere* listener-sponsor community radio station. Grandpa Paul answers the telephone during fundraising phonathons, and while his responsibilities seem interesting and are no doubt important, they're not nearly as cool as spinning discs and talking to the people like Jody does as an on-air personality. (I have no idea if radio people use the phrase "spinning discs". I just liked how it sounded.)

While we were in Madison for Christmas, Grandpa Paul took Tom and Will down to the station to hang out with Jody while he was broadcasting live.  Turns out camping cousin Colin was down there as well - he took the first two photos below, which is why they're considerably better than the last three which were taken with Tom's dying phone's camera.
The grown-ups tried really hard to get Will to talk on the radio, but he was a little too freaked out by the whole set-up and worried he'd make a mistake to actually give it a try.  I was considerably bummed out by this, because I sat in front of the radio for an hour listening to Jody's program (an hour during which I really needed to be drying my hair, making lunch for Hallie, doing a load of laundry, and watching my new Twilight DVDs) waiting to hear Will's little voice broadcast throughout the Madison Metropolitan Area.  Maybe next year!

*I have no idea if WORT is a premiere radio station or not.  I just assumed that my dad and Jody would only volunteer for Madison's premiere radio station, and/or if WORT wasn't premiere to begin with, it would be once my dad and Jody joined its volunteer ranks.

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