Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Music, Lights, and Millions of Sprinkles

The last week of school before Christmas, which was really just the four and a half days leading up to our two week trip to Wisconsin (meaning that my regular to-do list doubled in size), were incredibly busy. On Sunday night we attended "Keyboards at Christmas" at Christ United Methodist Church (the church affiliated with the kids' preschool). Four BEAUTIFUL grand pianos, eight pianists, one organist, and a handbell choir combined to create the most lovely Christmas program.

The program began perfectly with this video - it made me tear up, but also softened my heart and prepared me to truly enjoy the Christmas music.

The kids were interested to a point, but Hallie kept singing along (loudly, and it wasn't exactly a sing-a-long environment) and Will kept trying to say hello to the director of the preschool - who was one of the pianists - while she was performing. Tom and I enjoyed the music immensely, even more so after Hallie fell asleep.

Hallie's preschool class Christmas party was on Tuesday. They enjoyed pizza, fruit, veggies, and juice, and then they decorated sugar cookies with red and green frosting and MILLIONS of sprinkles.

On Wednesday, Hallie and I listened in on the all-school sing-along at Will's elementary school. A couple of older classes performed The Night Before Christmas and the school choir sang two songs, but the younger kids just sang Christmas carols while sitting on the floor in the cafeteria. That didn't bother Will though - he was VERY enthusiastic.

Hallie's preschool Christmas program - during which she sang Away in a Manger, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - was on Thursday. I was actually subbing that day, so Tom was in charge of taking pictures...in his defense, she doesn't stop moving which makes capturing her actually looking at the camera a difficult task.

On Thursday night we bathed the kids early and then loaded them up - in their pajamas and with cookies and juice (neither drinks milk, much to my dismay) - in the car for a Christmas light drive around town. We came across quite a few really incredible displays, including one that was perfectly coordinated to music on a local radio station.

And on Friday, just a few hours before we hit the road for Wisconsin, I coordinated and Hallie tagged along for Will's kindergarten Christmas party.  We had a breakfast buffet, played Christmas Bingo, and made Christmas trees out of pinecones and little pompoms.  Will had a great time, and so did Hallie, for that matter, and I was thrilled that when compared to the other kindergarteners, Hallie wasn't the worst listener and could hold her own when it came to the Bingo game and the pinecone project.

Next up, our trip to Wisconsin!

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