Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DJ Will and the Log-Man

Last week Will's friend Logan and his family (all friends of ours) came over for lunch and to watch the Aggie football game. While the grown-ups enjoyed the game in the living room (well, we enjoyed the food, drink, and company, but the Aggies kind of fell apart - four turnovers and seven missed kicking points against a sixth-ranked LSU - and therefore the game wasn't all it could have been), the kids spent their time dressing up, playing Bocce ball in the backyard, and "rocking out" on Tom's keyboard in the playroom.

After the disappointing conclusion of the Aggie game, we abandoned football altogether and ventured into the playroom to see what the kids were up to...this is what we found.

From here on out, as a duo I'm going to call them DJ Will and the Log-Man (pronounced "Loag", as in Logan, and not "Log"). Now we just need to get Will a pair of headphones and Logan a set of actual drums.

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