Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Turning Six

The birthday boy was a little under the weather the evening before and woke up feeling the same on the morning of his sixth birthday. He was chipper enough to enjoy his first gift, however, a Betta fish he named Blue.

Despite not feeling very well, Will insisted on going to school; he didn't have a fever, and I just couldn't rob him of the opportunity to share his special Darth Vader and Yoda birthday cookies with his friends, something I knew he was incredibly excited about. Will made it all the way until 2:30pm (school lets out at 2:50pm), when the school nurse called me and told me he'd like to go home a little early.
You can tell he doesn't feel that well - he just looks a little rough around the edges.
On an unrelated note, I can't believe I forgot to take a close-up picture of the
Darth Vader and Yoda cookies - they were amazing!
Poor buddy spent the next few hours on the couch, and then the hours after that throwing up. I'd started making Will's birthday dinner (spaghetti and mixed veggies, with Oreo cupcakes for dessert) before the throwing up began, but when the meal was finished he was in such bad shape that he didn't eat a single bite. I felt awful for him.
This picture makes me so sad.
Talking to Grandpa on the phone.
Will started to rebound once we offered presents though, and he perked up a little more with each gift he opened.
The first card Will opened, from my aunt and uncle, had
$3 in it.  He acted like they'd sent him $1 million.
Tom & Jerry from AJ lifted his spirits.
The boy (and his daddy) LOVES Tom & Jerry.
As did the birthday button.
(AJ has sent Will a birthday button every year since he turned two.
We still have all five, and I don't think I'll ever get rid of them.)
A disc golf bag!  With a pink lemonade inside!
Oh, and discs too.  :) 
Reading a few Garfield comic strips that
Grandma included in her card.
Bey Blades from Sara, Jeff, and Lily!
A (toy) bow and arrow!
Tom and I made Will give each of us a turn.
My new favorite picture of Hallie in her
half-birthday present.  She sure thinks she's super.
The following morning Will was still little tired, but he seemed to know - even though I never said it - that if he didn't go to school and make it through the day we would have to cancel his birthday party sleepover with his best friend Logan. It was as if Will "willed" himself back to perfect health, because when I picked him up from school that afternoon he was at 100%.

For his party this year, Will chose to go see Hotel Transylvania with Logan and then have Logan sleepover at our house. The five of us (Tom, me, Will, Hallie, and Logan) enjoyed the movie (though I think I would have enjoyed it more if we hadn't seen it in 3D - 3D makes me a little nauseous) and lots of popcorn, and then we came back to our house for dinner; R2D2 cake; lots of Wii, Bey Blades, and Tom & Jerry; and very little sleeping.
Not much sleeping went on in these beds.
In the morning we went out for donuts, played a round of disc golf and on the playground at the disc golf park, and then dropped Logan back off at his house. It was a crazy couple of days, but I think they looked exactly like what Will envisioned.

Happy 6th birthday, Will!

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