Tuesday, October 2, 2012

AJ's Songs

We are lucky enough to be in possession of rough cuts of a number of Aunt Jenna's songs (that she both wrote and recorded), which we put on a CD so that we could enjoy them in the car. The kids have learned nearly all of the words to the ones I let them listen to (there's one that I've decided isn't three and nearly-six-year-old appropriate because it deals with an abusive relationship), and often rock out to them both with and without music throughout the day.

Once, at the grocery store, Hallie repeatedly sang the lyrics, "I swear I won't fight if you'll just spend the night" to strangers in the canned goods aisle. As always, I just apologized and walked away quickly before they could think too in-depthly about her proposition.

Will's preference is to jam out to AJ songs at home, where he has more room to incorporate his signature somersault-meets-donkey-kick move into his performances.


You Rescued Me

Will only likes the uptempo songs, so the next videos will be of Hallie singing the ballads.

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