Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wrap-Up Wisconsin

Most of our Wisconsin pictures and experiences - at least those with in-depth stories behind them - have been posted and documented on Midwestern Girl, but I still have a few cute pictures that are worth sharing. Here they are!

AJ and Hallie reading Pinkalicious in
the hammock at the Lodge
4th of July fun.
Waiting patiently for the fireworks to start.
Out for a walk on a sultry Saturday morning.
Identical sisters.
Out for dinner on Grandpa's birthday.
Playing in a fountain on State Street.
Will and I ventured into this downtown fountain first,
but Hallie followed soon after.
Will, before the fall...
...and Will, after the fall.  It may have been
10:30pm, but it was still 95+ degrees outside
and the water felt WONDERFUL.  Not to mention
how fun it was to play in a fountain with my kids.
Will reading to Lily.
Lily and her very first orange push-up.
That girl was MAD when it was gone.
Hallie on the Shoe Slide.
Five years earlier, Will on the Show Slide.
And finally, Will literally running circles
around Grandma.  This is a metaphor for our
trip - Will and Hallie ran circles around me
and my mom each and every day.

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