Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mt. Olympus

Our summer bucket list included a trip to Schlitterbahn Water Park in Texas, but we haven't made it there yet and I'm certain we won't before the end of the summer season. I feel alright about that, however, because we took the kids to Mt. Olympus Amusement and Water Park in Wisconsin Dells during our month-long vacation to Wisconsin.

We actually had three kids (Will, Hallie, and Lily) and six adults (me and Tom, my parents, and Sara and Jeff) on this adventure, which as it turns out, is the perfect ratio of children to adults when visiting a water park - I can't imagine how stressed Tom and I would have been at Schlitterbahn with a one-to-one ratio of children to adults.

As we could have predicted, Will and Lily rocked the water park. They both love the water and are basically fearless when it comes to water slides. Lily was of course limited by her height (she's only 19-months-old), but Will was finally tall enough to take on some of the bigger rides and with crazy bravery and either Grandpa Paul or Uncle Jeff, went down water slides that even I found intimidating (and I'm not afraid of scary rides).

Hallie, on the other hand, wasn't all that interested in getting wet, even though it was at least 100 degrees and sunny that day. Eventually I bribed her with cotton candy and ice cream (at least I didn't have to promise her a bowl full of toys) to go down this teeny, tiny water slide on my lap. She did it twice, but then wanted nothing to do with slides for the remainder of our water park experience.

Schlitterbahn is still on our list of places to visit - it is the "hottest, coolest time in Texas" after all - but perhaps we'll wait until next summer, when Hallie's willing to, you know, get wet.

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