Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reading for Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff asked me to film Will reading a Magic Tree House book for a school-related project, the purpose of which (I think) was to provide teachers with an example of how it's possible for a pre-kindergartener to not only read, but to read at an advanced level.

Capturing this video took more than 30 takes - not because Will had trouble with the reading piece of the puzzle (though we did switch passages after about 10 takes because Will couldn't correctly pronounce "mammoth" and got upset every time he said the word incorrectly), but because he'd either forget to introduce what he was reading or he'd let the book drift up to cover his face. I figured Uncle Jeff wouldn't want a video of the cover of a Magic Tree House book, so each time that happened we started over. It was a long 30 minutes of filming.

I can't believe this boy starts kindergarten next week...

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