Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heaven's Trampoline

A sweet, seven-year-old little girl named Helen lives behind my parents. Both Will and Hallie love her (Will likes playing with her and Hallie likes following her around like a puppy), and her trampoline.

The first time Hallie and Helen jumped on the trampoline together, Hallie called Helen "Heaven" at least 35 times. Eventually Hallie learned to pronounce Helen's name correctly, but "Heaven" kind of stuck and we started calling Helen's house and trampoline "Heaven" because the kids thought it was pretty much the happiest place on earth. Next to Disney World, of course.

Though nervous at first, Will and Hallie eventually got the hang of jumping on the trampoline.
While Hallie jumped, Will rode his bike.  When
Hallie's turn was over, Grandpa notified Will via
walkie-talkie that it was his turn once again.
The next day I decided to give the trampoline a try. It was scary at first - I was kind of nervous about seriously injuring myself - but after about five minutes, quite a bit of my gymnastics training came back to me. So I taught Will a thing or two. Well, maybe just one thing. Then he asked me to get off.
Seat drop (I love the view of Hallie underneath my legs).
Stomach drop.
Stomach drop.
Playing popcorn.
Playing popcorn.
I'd been going back and forth between a swing set and a play structure for our backyard, but now a trampoline has been added to the mix. I wish we had room for all three, but we don't - how will we decide?!

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Jenna Christine said...

How about a play structure that has some sort of upstairs or downstairs so that there could be a make-shift "tree house" (since I'm fairly certain you don't have trees suitable for this) and a trampoline. Both seem as though they would be able to stand the test of the kids growing older :) Love the photos...