Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yep, It Finally Happened

Last week, while cruising through the grocery store, Hallie informed another shopper - a male - that he had a penis. Her exact words, I believe, were, "Hi! You has a penis!". We were approximately seven feet away from this man when Hallie made her announcement, so unless he was completely deaf, there's no way he didn't hear her.

Nearly crippled by shock and embarrassment, I mumbled something to Hallie in hopes of keeping her quiet and quickly escaped to the next row. I must have looked very surprised/upset, because within seconds Hallie started apologizing - loudly - to me for what she'd just done. The man (who was just one row away) and a few additional shoppers in our new row were lucky enough to hear Hallie's apology, "Oh Mama, I so sorry for saying dat man has a penis", at least three times.

Between being newly potty trained and having a bit of a potty mouth, Hallie's become an interesting and unpredictable shopping partner...

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Thomas Ferris said...

To me, the apology is way funnier than the original statement, because she knows she did something bad.