Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kids Say...

At least once a day one of the kids says something I'd like to remember and/or share. Unfortunately, by the time I'm with pen and paper or able to type on my phone, I've forgotten much of what I wanted to document in the first place. Here are just three recent conversations I've had with the kids that made me chuckle/laugh out loud/pee my pants.

Not VERY Pretty

Will, Hallie, and I were sitting in the car, waiting in line to gain entry to a parking garage. A young women - likely a college student at TAMU - was collecting money at the gate. As we crept closer and Will could see her out his window, he commented to me that he thought she was pretty. I knew that if I was that young woman I would appreciate knowing that a sweet little boy thought I was pretty, so when I finally reached the entrance to the parking garage I told her what Will had said.

Erin: I have to tell you, as we were pulling up my son (gesturing to Will in the back seat) told me he thought you were very pretty.
Young Woman: Really?!
Erin: Yes. I just thought you'd like to know.
Young Woman: Thank you!

Then, as we were pulling away but while my window was still down and the young woman was still within earshot, Will yelled at me from the back seat.

Will: MOM?!
Erin: What?
Will: I said she was pretty, not VERY pretty!

I guess he has pretty high standards.

Doctor, Doctor

Will: Grandpa Mike is a doctor.
Erin: You're right.
Will: Grandpa Mike is a surgeon. He does operations on sick people.
Erin: Right again. Your daddy is a doctor too - did you know that?
Will: Yeah, I know. But he's not the money kind (of doctor).


Hallie has recently come into the knowledge that she has a vagina. She LOVES talking about her "bagina", so much so that we've had to restrict talking about that particular body part to when we're in the bathroom. Consequently, whenever she crosses the threshold into the bathroom and right before she exits the bathroom, she shouts "BAGINA" at the top of her lungs. It's been interesting.

Last weekend Hallie and I were in the bathroom together and the following conversation unfolded...

Hallie: BAGINA!
Erin: Hallie, what is a vagina?
Hallie: Um, it's like ko-ko (or co-co - I wasn't sure).
Erin: What do you mean?
Hallie: It's like hot chocolate!
Erin: Oh.

Giant pause while I tried to come up with something to say next.

Hallie: That's why there are flowers on the wall.
Erin: What?
Hallie: And you...have a big bagina on your butt.

And with that, she skipped out of the bathroom.

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Kristin said...

laughed out loud at hallie's story, hilarious. i can only imagine that has happened in a public restroom as well? =)