Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Preparations, Round 1

Baking and decorating christmas cookies.

Opening our first Christmas presents (we always exchange ornaments when we decorate the Christmas tree, and we gave Grandma and Grandpa a little gift that evening as well).

Our first visit from Chris the Elf (Chris is short for Christmas, and was selected after the names Harry, Super Grover, Mark, and Ho were nixed). Will was excited, Hallie was just confused.

Games, activities, dinner, and chats with Santa at the annual School for Little People Dinner with Santa fundraiser.

Fishing for Sweet Tarts

Will's letter to Santa

Hallie's letter to Santa

Working on marshmallow snowmen

Putting together a bag of reindeer food

Showing off her balloon flower corsage

Attacking other children with his balloon sword

It was an epic battle

Telling Santa what she wants for Christmas

Our first picture of the two of them together on Santa's lap!  
(Two years ago, when Will was three and Hallie was eight months, Will refused to sit on 
Santa's lap so our picture is of only Hallie.  Last year, when Will was four and Hallie 
was 20 months, we were moving and never made it to Santa's lap.)

We hope you're having fun getting ready for Christmas!

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