Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Preparations, Round 2

On Friday night we participated in the Bryan Christmas Parade. I handed out candy and information about the Red Cross, Will rode on the Red Cross float, and Tom pushed a cheerful Hallie in the stroller. Will lost interest in "parading" about halfway through the route, but Hallie yelled "Merry Christmas!" and waved enthusiastically for the entire 30 minutes.

After we finished the parade route we walked back against the flow of traffic so the kids could see some of the other floats. Hallie enjoyed Santa, but Will, he couldn't get enough of these cars.

The following evening I took the kids to "Christmas at the Creek", an outdoor Christmas celebration at a park here in College Station. While there were lots of activities available, we didn't give many of them a try. (I had a bit of trouble keeping track of Will and Hallie by myself in the dark, and neither kid was on their best behavior.) Perhaps next year Tom and I can take them together and we can try out the hayrides, crafts, cookie decorating, and live nativity scene.

We did, however, watch quite a few dance performances, including one by Will's buddy Logan's older sister, Kendra, and Hallie's friend Caroline's older sister, Natalie. The stage was gorgeous, and I could see Hallie dreaming about the day when she gets to take dance lessons and perhaps perform on that same Christmas stage.

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Thomas Ferris said...

I should add that Will was especially interested in the cars with hydraulics because I told him they were Transformers.