Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feasts

Will and Hallie's school hosts Thanksgiving Feasts for each class and their families the week before Thanksgiving.

On Tuesday I attended Hallie's Thanksgiving Feast. We made and brought carrot cupcakes decorated like turkeys, and enjoyed a meal of three grapes and a cracker (at least that's what Hallie consumed - she used the fact that the plates were not pink as an excuse not to eat anything else) together.

Showing off her Thanksgiving placemat.

Gobble gobble!

And on Thursday, my mom and I attended Will's Thanksgiving Feast. We made and brought (thank goodness they actually turned out, as it was our first attempt) cake pops decorated like pumpkins and presented on a piece of green styrofoam - a cake pop pumpkin patch!

Will Feast was a little more elaborate than Hallie's.  The "big kids" sang two songs and a prayer - all with sign language - before joining us at the table to eat.

Will's class as they took the stage.

The Pilgrim song.

The Native American song.

"Soaring Eagle" and his Grandma Brenda.

Handing out the cake pops that I refused to bring home.

Happy Thanksgiving, a few days early!

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Sara Ekena said...

you are a master baker/decorator these days...I am jealous