Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Halloween

I missed out on quite a bit of the Halloween weekend because I was shopping with my mom and sister in Chicago. (My apologies, Chicago friends - my trip was short and I didn't call/text/email because I knew I wouldn't have time to get together while I was in town. Boo.) Tom held his own at home though, managing to get the kids ready for both their school Halloween parties on Thursday (he had help with Hallie's hair from another child's mother in the school parking lot though) and an unofficial, out-of-school school trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday.

Here's Will's class at their Halloween party. Will chose to wear his glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirt and gloves instead of his Batman costume to school - something about not being able to adequately play on the playground dressed as a super hero.

Unfortunately, Tom had to work late on Halloween and missed trick-or-treating. I could have used his help mostly at the beginning of the evening, when I was trying to take pictures of the kids (I needed someone to stand behind me and get them to smile/not frown/not cry and JUST LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND STOP HITTING YOUR BROTHER FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!). Fortunately, once we started trick-or-treating, both kids were angelic and had the time of their lives. I stopped counting after Will said, "this is just so much fun!" six times.

Here are a few pics of my Pink Octopus and Batman pre-trick-or-treating.

Notice that Hallie's wearing sandals and only tiny shorts leggings under her costume - Halloween in Texas is quite warm, and both kids sweat through their costumes by the time we arrived home.

And here's me and my little octopus, picture courtesy of Batman.

Here are a couple of pics of the trick-or-treating experience.

Once we arrived home, both kids stripped down and dug into their candy. (Well, they dug in after I confiscated nearly 2/3 of what they'd collected because of peanuts, dairy, and the Hallie-potential-mess factor.) Hallie never lost interest in her candy, but Will quickly moved on from his own candy to handing out candy at the door. We had 113 (?!) trick-or-treaters - more than we've ever had - and gave away all of the candy I'd purchased as well as nearly all of what I confiscated from the kids just a few minutes earlier in the evening. Don't tell them, please.

Happy Halloween from the four Ferri!

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