Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Throughout the month of November I periodically asked Will and Hallie what they were thankful for. Here are a few of their answers:

- I'm thankful for my mommy.
- I'm thankful for nothing. Except my daddy.
- I'm thankful for God.
- I'm thankful for Logan and his family. Even Kendra. (Kendra is Logan's older sister.)
- (While looking out the window of the car) I'm thankful for sun and clouds and rain and bushes and grass and streets and cement and acorns and pine cone trees. And rainbows - I'm thankful for rainbows.
- I'm thankful for when my whole family gets to be together, like on Thanksgiving.  (I swear he actually said that!)

Hallie (Hallie usually chose her answers - which were always exclamations - by looking around the room and selecting something in her field of view that she was fond of on that particular day.)
- Raisins!
- To be a butterfly!
- Pink octopus!
- I'm sankful for Jack! I'm sankful for Hudson! I'm sankful for Kate! I'm sankful for Zachary! I'm sankful for Ethan! I'm sankful for Jess! I'm sankful for Caroline! (All kids in her class at school.)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sara Ekena said...

Hallie's responses remind me of anchorman - I love lamp!

Thomas Ferris said...

Also from Hallie. When she got up on Thanksgiving morning, Erin told her: "Happy Thanksgiving!" Hallie's response: "You welcome!"