Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Future Badger?

A few years ago we took these photos of Will wearing his Wisconsin Badgers "Jump Around" t-shirt and frog Easter basket on his head. University of Wisconsin students are little crazy, and we figured that if Will included one of these photos with his application for admission to UW, the admissions panel would likely look at it and immediately think, "this kid was meant to be a Badger". (I'm not saying Will's necessarily meant to be a Badger. We just want him and Hallie to have options.)

Now the "Jump Around" shirt has been passed on to Hallie. And while it doesn't quite fit her as well as it fit Will when he was Hallie's age, she really likes it. Last weekend we took her University of Wisconsin application for admission photo - nothing says "I'm a Badger" like a red potty party while wearing the t-shirt and Minnie Mouse ears and hair bows.

Watch for their applications in 12 and 14 years, UW!

1 comment:

Sara Ekena said...

they are in! And, seeing as I am an alumna, I will also write a letter of rec just in case this isn't enough :)