Thursday, November 10, 2011

Play Date with Friends

It makes my heart sing to see Will and Hallie with their friends. I am so proud of how well they (Will especially) adjusted to their new school, and how they've made friends - good friends - since we've been here.

A couple of Fridays back (there's no school on Fridays, so everyone is free on Friday mornings) we met up with lots of these friends at a nearby park for a large-scale play date. Here are a few highlights:

Will, Matt (Ali's little brother, who's Hallie's age), Ali, and Kennedy jumping rope

Will, Kaylie, Mason, Logan, Ali, and Madison heading for the stairs 
(WAY more fun than the playground, right?)

Hallie following Kennedy around (while everyone else plays on the stairs)

Matt, Kennedy, Logan, and Will rigging up their jump rope elevator

Kaylie, Ali, Kennedy, Madison, Logan, Will, and Hallie feeding the turtles

Will chasing Kennedy with his claw

Kandace (Kennedy's little sister, who is Hallie's age), Matt, Kaylie, Madison, Connor, Ali, 
Kennedy, Hallie, Logan, and Will having a picnic lunch

We're lucky that so many people have welcomed us into the School for Little People and College Station families.

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