Friday, June 3, 2011

Speedway Spectacular

On our most recent “date”, Will and I attended the Brazos County Children’s Museum’s Mom & Son Speedway Spectacular. The event was held at the Texas World Speedway, which is just outside of College Station, and to me, sounded like a classy venue. This is what the scoreboard (is it called a scoreboard in car racing?) looked like – not so classy.

The event reminding me of the Ann Arbor Touch-a-Truck, which Will loved, but with fewer trucks and more reptiles.

We enjoyed a hotdog, potato chip, and fruit punch dinner.

Watched a car race.

Went on a limo ride around the track.

Drove pedal go-carts.

Visited with Banana the snake and his/her reptile friends. (shudder)

And spray painted Will’s hair blue. You might be thinking that the evening contained an odd collection of events, and you would be right.

Though I spend A LOT of time with both kids together, and quite a bit of time with just Hallie, I am rarely able to spend time with just Will. And while Tom spends a fair amount of time with Will, and Will and Hallie together, he rarely spends time with just Hallie. Tom and I decided to remedy this situation by occasionally going on “dates” with the child of the opposite gender.

The night Will and I went to the Speedway Spectactular (which I considered a successful date, what with only one injury and one meltdown – I’ll let you guess which one of us was injured and which one of us had a meltdown), Tom and Hallie walked to McDonald’s for dinner and to play on the indoor playscape. Their date was a resounding success as well – Hallie Claire loved having her daddy all to herself, and as anticipated, McDonald’s was a hit.

I have lots of good ideas for future dates with Will – mini golf, movies, frozen yogurt (sorbet for Will) – but have a feeling that, for at least the next few months, Tom won’t have to come up with new date ideas for Hallie. The Golden Arches suit her just fine.

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