Tuesday, July 6, 2010

trucks touched

Will had such a great time last summer at "climb around in these huge vehicles" events, such as Ann Arbor's Touch-a-truck. So we all went again this year. It was a great day for Willie.

I think the police car may have been one of his favorites, but only because the police officers there gave him a sherriff press-on tattoo. Here he's giving his best "80's cop show" thumbs-up.

They had all kinds of vehicles other than trucks. Firetrucks and garbage trucks were very popular and we had to wait in long lines to see them, but Will was interested in all of them. The John Deere thresher had one of the longest lines.

My personal favorites were the military vehicles - here's an old WWII-era truck they restored and use a lot in parades as a flag-bearer (we saw it in the 4th of July parade this past weekend). The truck on the right was an active transport vehicle and had an unbelievably loud horn. I got much entertainment while we waited in lines watching the people in the vicinity of this truck get startled out of their shoes each time a new kid tried it.

The Red Cross, aka "mama's work" also had brought their Emergency Response Vehicle (the "Erv" that sometimes visits our house when it's being driven by our neighbor/friend/RC volunteer extraordinaire Mikey). Anyway, I took a few pictures of Will pretending to offer me disaster relief in the forms of juice and popcorn (that's what the RC provides, right?) and apparently these shots were a big hit when Erin showed them to co-workers. The buzz is that for the second time, Will will be part of an upcoming RC publication: we'll look for him in the annual Red Cross calendar.

While Hallie had fun getting a backpack ride and singing about it, she didn't do much truck touching. Maybe next year, she can touch some Texas trucks. In the meantime, we're still trying to get her into a Red Cross publication.

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