Monday, June 6, 2011

Preschool "Graduation"

At the end of May, Will’s preschool held its annual graduation and end-of-the-year program. While Will didn’t actually graduate from preschool – the kindergarten cut-off date in College Station is September 1st and Will’s birthday is October 4th, therefore he will attend preschool again next year – he did participate in the program, and he did a fantastic job.

All of the kids (one 18-month-old class, three two-year-old classes, three three-year-old classes, and three four-year-old classes) filed into the church singing “This Little Light of Mine” and holding up their pointer fingers up like little candles. The 18-month-olds cried and the two-year-olds wandered, but the three- and four-year-olds were FOCUSED. You could see their little minds working so hard – trying to stay perfectly in line behind the child in front of them, remember the words to the song, and hold their fingers like perfect little candles.

Walking in with his candle

Looking for Daddy

After the procession, a welcome, and a prayer from the church pastor (Will’s preschool is at Christ United Methodist Church in College Station) each age group performed two songs. The three-year-olds (Will’s group, even though he’s been four for most of the school year – see the kindergarten cut-off mentioned above) sang “Opposites” and “Jesus Loves Me”, both with hand motions/sign language. Thanks to a few very short kids in Will’s class, his class got to stand in the front row, which made it much easier to get pictures of their performance. It was fabulous, and Tom, Hallie, and I were so very proud of Will.

Opposites: "Up and down, up and down, up and down, give a little clap."

Jesus Loves Me: "Yes, Jesus loves me..." (sign language for Jesus)

Jesus Loves Me: "...but He is strong." (sign language for strong)

After the singing performances, the pastor spoke to all of the kids (think commencement address for four-year-olds), and a terrific slide show of pictures taken throughout the year was shown. The younger kids went back to the classrooms, but the four-year-olds actually “graduated” with caps and a walk across the stage – next year that will be Will!

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