Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Old House

We’re about three and a half weeks into our second go at home ownership, and I’m about three and half times more tired of painting than I was before we owned the house.

Here are a few in-progress pictures – please try to ignore the “photo crasher/bomber” who pops up in a number of them.

(And a big shout out to Grandma Brenda, who came last week and worked her tail off for six days straight, and Grandpa Paul, who joined us just for the weekend but who also worked extremely hard. We enjoyed your visit and are so very grateful for your help!)

Dining room (painted) and the temporary dining room table

Back porch (new porch fan)

Kitchen (painted, new countertops, new backsplash)

Backyard (landscaped, mowed)

Master bathroom (painted, new light fixtures, new mirrors)

Master bedroom (painted)

Living room (painted)

Will's room (painted, but still waiting for the Batman cityscape painting)

Kid/guest bathroom (painted)

"Finished product" pictures to come in a few weeks!


Farm-Raised said...

Beeautiful!!!! Totally worth the toil!!!! Can't wait to see more pics!!

Kristin said...

you guys are putting us to shame - we've been in our house for almost 5 months and have done what you all probably did in 2 days! looks awesome!