Monday, March 30, 2009

firetruck museum

Last month (yes, I am behind on posts) the three of us - Will, Erin, and I - took a special day to have some fun together after I finished a major marathon of research. We let Will choose what he wanted to do from a few options and his overwhelming favorite was to visit the Michigan Firehouse Museum in nearby Ypsilanti. I wasn't expecting much - the website doesn't do the museum much justice - but since Will likes fire engines (there's a firehouse right next to a park by our house that we visit frequently) we were excited to go. It was much cooler than I thought it would be - they had a warehouse with several historical fire engines and firefighting equipment up to 200 years old or older. Somehow we were so intrigued by the firetrucks we forgot to take Will's picture with any of them, but we got several from when we first got to the museum that are worth sharing.

sliding down the firehouse pole

meeting the firehouse animals

I guess we did have some pictures of Will with firetrucks...

Since we visited the "firetruck museum" it is clear that this would be a fun place for Will to revisit. He talks about it a lot (bragged to all his friends and teachers at school), and he has been much more interested when we see fire engines when we're out and about. One of the most popular library books we've been reading lately is about a little boy pretending to be a firefighter and driving the fire engine.

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