Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what are you smiling at?

After a lot of effort to get her started, Hallie has been smiling a lot lately. Sometimes she smiles at me, or Erin, or Will, or one of her grandparents or the cats or anyone else. She also likes to smile at the zebra we hang from her carseat. And sometimes she smiles at strange things.

Here we are at Grandma Brenda's and Grandpa Paul's house. Hallie is having a happy time in Don, looking at something that obviously is making her very happy...

Is it the refrigerator? That would be understandable, it can make daddy smile...

No, she is just very happy to see Grandpa's soccer schedule. Aww.

She looked at this for several minutes while we had a good laugh watching her and seeing how entertaining it was for her. Maybe she will be a soccer player. Or someone who works with schedules.

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