Monday, June 22, 2009

my Father's Day gifts

Hey everyone, we're back from our fantastic 2-week vacation visiting our family. We have lots of pictures which I will post/blog about soon after I get caught up a bit. In the meantime and to get the blog ball rolling, I wanted to share about the great father's day presents I got.

First, when we were at the Lodge, Will made Grandpa Mike and I some very nice pictures of the three of us riding in the back of Grandpa's Mario kart. These were made in secret while Grandpa and I were out running errands and playing, and it was a bit mysterious later in the day that Will had all kinds of paint and glitter on his face and in his hair.

I also got a really special present last night when we finally arrived home in Ann Arbor after 13+ hours in the car. Will and Hallie (and Erin) got me a Rubik's cube - one of my favorite puzzle toys - where the stickers on each face are made up of some of my favorite pictures of my two children - like this one and this one.

Erin also gave me a card, in which she wrote verbatim Will's response to the question of why he liked his daddy: "I yike my daddy because he pay Marna Race and bean bags and he yike to pay football wiff me and he make happy birfdays."

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