Tuesday, April 7, 2009

messy Will: back in the sink

One of my favorite videos from when Will was really little is when I had to wash him off in the sink one day when he was extra messy at dinner. Well, last weekend I re-caulked the bathtub, which left our one shower/bathtub out of commission for several days (long story, turns out I used bad caulk so it hadn't cured until a few days ago when I scraped it out and used some different stuff). Erin and I could shower at the gym but we needed to get creative with Will, or just let him be stinky for a couple days... so we gave him his baths last week in the sink.
At first he thought it was fun.

But without his bath toys and in such a cramped place (and dad spraying him in the face with the dish sprayer), he got tired of the sink by the end of the week.
"I not take a bath in the sink, I take a bath in my big boy tub!"

He was a good sport when he got to push the button to spray himself.

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