Wednesday, April 29, 2009

pictures that will come in handy when Will applies for college

Will has family connections to a lot of different academic institutions. We maybe can get a leg up when he's applying for college if we can show he's been a fan of the school "since birth". We're planning on a similar strategy for Hallie.

Erin and I did our undergraduate work at the University of Iowa, where we swear our sports allegiance. Will loves watching the Hawkee-guys with us. We have lots of pictures to choose from here:

I have been a graduate student and tailgater at "Go Blue" for all of Will's life.

Whenever Will and Grandpa Mike get together, they talk a lot about the 'Huskers (he even told me to my face that his favorite football team was the Huskers this weekend, when Grandma and Grandpa were here visiting).

Also he is a huge fan of the University of Wisconsin, because Grandma & Grandpa Paul live in Madison and Aunt Sara graduated from UW. Also, Will likes schools that start with a "W".

These pictures, taken on Easter (yes, that's a frog Easter basket on his head) probably give him the best chance for being accepted at Wisconsin.

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