Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sorry mama

I mentioned recently that Will has been saying some words we'd rather he didn't. Well, this video kind of demonstrates my weakness in discouraging this type of language. I'm usually pretty good at enforcing the rules of the house but when Will says "fart" and laughs, I can't help myself but join in the fun.

To be clear, I did not introduce this behavior. I had left him by himself to put his pants on and heard him mumbling something, then laughing hysterically over and over. When I snuck up closer to the room I heard what he was saying and tried to get the camera and record it. But I got caught so had to let him keep being naughty for the sake of this video clip.

PS - since this video, Will now has switched to saying "poop" and laughing. This is because he knows "poop" is an acceptable word in our house (and potty poops earn Will a donut) so he can't get in trouble, but it sometimes still makes dad laugh.
Sometimes it will go like this: "Poop!" [straight face from daddy], then: "mommy say no fart."

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