Thursday, March 26, 2009

AJ's awesome visit

I must apologize to Will's page readers and Aunt Jenna in particular - I have been very busy lately and am several weeks behind on blog posts. So these pictures should have been posted weeks ago, when AJ came to visit for a week during her Spring Break. It was a great time and couldn't have been nicer that she came then because Will needed some attention and Erin and I needed to have some fun.

Jenna flew in late on a Tuesday night and even though we had been talking with much excitement about her visit, we could not wake Will when she arrived. But he was very excited to see her the next morning. Erin and I needed to be at work but I managed to switch Will's daycare days so he and AJ got to play together by themselves Wednesday morning. AJ quickly picked up on the rules of Roarball (hence, the baseball caps in the picture above), and as I left for the day they were already familiar buddies - happily reading books together. It is my understanding that they also played quite a bit of Mario Race, with Will nearly beating AJ (she is used to getting whomped on by me in Mariokart so it was nice that Jenna got to win against somebody...)

At some point during the day one of the games they played was "wrap Will up like a present" or like a slug, I'm not entirely sure. But it was fun. When I got home Erin and AJ had wrapped Will up for me to open. He was quiet and kept his eyes closed so that I couldn't tell what the present was until I unwrapped it...

More on AJ's visit coming soon...

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