Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I have to wert.

This morning after I had left, Erin was in the bathroom doing her hair. Will came upstairs from where he was playing and stood in the doorway to the bathroom, then started the following conversation:

Will: "Byebye, mama"
Erin: "Where are you going?"
Will: "I have to wert."
Erin: "You have to work? What do you have to work on?"
Will: ...[no response - stares at her for a moment then heads back downstairs]

He came back upstairs with his laptop.
"Dis, mama." [shows her the laptop]

Then he went back downstairs, and did some wert on his laptop for awhile.

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Will's Grandma Susan said...

I remember clearly a little blond headed boy taking a lunch box, heading to the front door, and telling me goodbye because he had
to go to work. Twehty-five years later, history repeats itself!

Grandma Susie