Thursday, December 11, 2008

leaf shower

Our home is basically surrounded by some very leafy trees, so each year we have quite a task to get all the leaves off our lawn. And our roof. This usually takes multiple days and results in sore daddy. This year we had a good deal of fun with the raking though - much of the jumping-in-leafpiles fun of last year, but with the added fun of dad throwing huge piles of leaves off the roof and Will standing under the raining leaves.

These pictures were taken when "dayee fall ROOF!" - when I finished getting all the leaves off the roof, I jumped down and then stumbled a bit and fell into a pile of leaves. It was a controlled fall, but it was funny that when we met a bunch of family for Thanksgiving Will told them that his daddy fell off the roof.

I missed a bit with these piles of leaves, but this video basically shows what we did with almost all the leaves on the roof. Later that night when I was getting Will undressed for his bath, I found leaves under his shirt and in his diaper...whoops, sorry buddy!

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