Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pirate attack!

Turns out Will thinks pirates are very cool. He gets really excited when we watch Spongebob together because there's a pirate at the beginning that sings the themesong. Also he and I have been pirate "Arrr!"-ing a lot lately and singing pirate songs (like the Spongebob themesong).

A couple weekends ago we went to a "graduate students with children" event sponsored by UM, where there were several fun events for kids. Will met Pirate Mike, who made him a pirate hat and balloon sword. He likes these props very much and has been playing with them for a couple weeks. The most fun thing to do is chase the cats and try to whomp them with his "piyat" sword. In the video below, Will introduces the poor cats to the game "pirate attack". Not too much fun for them, but hilarious for Erin and I. Duke finally figured out he can hide under the bed to avoid getting whomped with the sword. But he has to hide "pfarr" under the bed, as Will explains in the video.

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BabyHawes2008 said...

Poor Duke and Clemmy LOL