Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween cupcakes and "pumpies".

Halloween is right up there with Christmas for Erin in terms of holiday excitement. She loves to dress up, and now has an excuse to dress our cute boy in ridiculous outfits for the better part of the week. Before I get to our Halloween night, including Will's first trick-or-treating experience, there are a few activities we did during the week.

First, Erin made her famous Halloween cupcakes, which take about a whole day. She makes the decoration frosting from scratch and has some very fine icing skills, if I say so. See for yourself:

Anyway, Will helped out this year. And by "helped out" I mean generally interfered with the intense process of making and decorating the cupcakes. I'm sure there were plenty of "mistake" cupcakes that needed to be eaten, but the icing has dairy in it so Will couldn't eat it. But so he wouldn't miss out Erin made him his own cupcake, with a "Will" on it (he calls the letter 'W' "Will").

Erin & I worked late a lot of nights last week, but made sure we could both be home Thursday with enough time to carve pumpkins - the ones we got on Will's birthday - before Halloween on Friday. Will got to stay up late to help out. He colored on his pumpkin while Erin and I carved the big ones. We have a Halloween decoration which is a pumpkin that lights up and one of Will's jobs was to check to make sure that "pumpy"/"pumpin" - his names for the thing - was lit up. So during the carving and later when we played outside by the pumpkins, Will spent a lot of time talking about the "pumpies".

The carvings turned out pretty well. Scary!

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Amazing! I'm so impressed!

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