Saturday, November 8, 2008


We had a lot of fun with Halloween this year. We let Will pick his costume, and he told us he wanted to be the "Rarr!" [lion]. The fun started right after Will's afternoon nap, when we went to the Red Cross to Trick-or-Treat there. Will got to roar at Erin's boss and coworkers and got lots of fruit snacks. Jenni (Dr. Meredith Grey, in the picture below) was thoughtful enough to give the fruit snacks out to the coworkers so Will could trick-or-treat at their cubicles/offices. Also, we got to see baby Justin, who was dressed as a monkey.

When we got home we got ready for trick-or-treaters and played outside until they started coming around.

Ambrose and some other neighbor kids came out to play too. Ambrose was an alligator. These two were a couple of fearsome animals.

Will was more interested in playing and protecting the hoard of candy we had than going out to trick-or-treat, despite our tries to convince him that it's something he would want to do. We had him practice with his mama.

Finally we convinced him that it might be fun to go trick-or-treating. We went to Moni's across the street first and that went ok, but he was his usual speechless self in front of people he's not very familiar with.

Eventually we made it to four neighbors' houses, and Will eventually gave out a few roars. He said (signed) thank-you at every house. Then he went home to guard our candy bowl until he started getting sleepy.

I think we ended up getting 60-some trick-or-treaters (Erin follows Grandpa Paul's practice of always gets an exact count), which was pretty good but significantly fewer than last year. But the difference was probably due to the scary lion guarding the candy.

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