Wednesday, November 19, 2008

baby sittserr.

The three of us - Erin, Will, and myself - went yesterday morning for the 5-month ultrasound for the baby in mama's tummy. We had been asking Will for the last week or so if he wanted a baby brother, or sister, and he pretty consistently told us he wanted a "baybee sittser". This could have been influenced by recent visits to Cate's house, where he got to play with and hold Cate's baby sister, Claire. Then he changed his mind a couple days ago and started saying he wanted a baby Elmo. So when we went into the ultrasound, we were hoping to just have a healthy version of one of those three types of baby.

The baby is a girl. This is good because Erin has an excuse to fill our house with pink stuff. Also, figure maybe there can be tradeoffs between Will and his sister for what they play together - maybe they'll play a little baseball, then do some ballet. He has promised me he'll help teach her to brush her teeth. Also, he thinks she should be named "Claire".


A family in Iowa. said...

So exciting!!!!

BabyHawes2008 said...

I just thought of something......... What will we call this baby? We can't call her Duke Jr. !!!!! Put your thinking cap on!

BabyHawes2008 said...
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Chris n' Brennie said...

We've not checked the blog recently, but congratulations on a GIRL! They are so fun!

The balance of a boy and a girl is great, but be prepared... Norah is plenty girly, but she has learned to love Star Wars (and sing about it) from her big brother!