Tuesday, May 15, 2007

pictureful weekend

With it being mother's day weekend, and with all the time we're spending outside since the weather has been so nice, we took a good deal of pictures last weekend. Come along with me, I'll walk you through a few of them.

On Friday, mom took Will to the park. Duke helped mom pick out some awesome short shorts to wear.

Then he went swinging for the first time. Weeeeweeeweee!

On Friday afternoon and most of the day on Saturday, we cleaned and restained our deck in the backyard. This stalled our plans of mowing the lawn since we didn't want to get grass clippings on and around the deck, so our backyard was a jungle. Our friends Casey and Rachel came over to help with the deck and also took Will on a little safari adventure.

Sunday was all about mom. We had a nice breakfast sitting at the table like a real family, but Will was constantly distracted by Duke, so Erin took him over to visit after we ate.

Then we went to one of our favorite parks - Gallup park, which connects to the U of M Arboretum, for a nice long walk to burn off the donuts and bacon we ate.

That afternoon, we had baby food chicken for the first time. So Will is no longer a vegetarian. That stuff is pretty gross, and Will did NOT like it very much. The picture on the left is his reaction to the first bite, and then he did his best hockey goalie impression to deflect attempts to feed him subsequent spoonfuls. These pictures are funny because whenever he sees the camera, especially right in front of his face, he automatically smiles right at it. But he also knows that when we're feeding him, we always try to get him to smile so he'll open his mouth and we can sneak some more food in. So he would usually be really fighting not to smile here, but the chicken made him pretty unhappy.

At the end of the day, Erin gave me a summer haircut with the clippers. Then I played with Will a bunch so he would get used to it and know that bald guy is still dad. Here we're singing some songs for mom at her request - "Why Don't We Do It in the Road" by the Beatles - it was a very nice Mother's Day song.

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