Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Dancing Break

Will and Hallie spend at least 50% of their time together arguing. Thankfully their arguing doesn't often escalate to actual fighting, but the fact that their relationship is so wrought with conflict and disagreement drives me crazy. I've been told their behavior is normal, especially for mixed gender siblings, but that doesn't make it any easier to listen to, ignore, or mediate.

The one positive to Will and Hallie's tumultuous relationship is that I find myself truly appreciating the moments in which they get along or work together.

While making dinner one evening last week I listened to Will and Hallie bickering about who would tie up whom with the jump ropes. Then suddenly, their bickering stopped. Worried that one of the kids had done something terrible to the other, I ran to the backdoor expecting the worst.

Instead, I saw the best. They were dancing. I may have cried.

And then he stepped on her toe, she punched him in the stomach, and I cried a little harder.

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