Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bee-eee-u-tee-ful Earrings

When a sufficient amount of time had passed after Hallie's ear piercing (they say six weeks, but I went with eight weeks, just to be on the safe side), I took her back to Claire's in the mall to choose a new pair of earrings. We ended up coming home with three new pairs of earrings (buy two, get one free): pink butterflies, "diamond" daisies, and silver hearts. She FREAKED OUT the first time I took an earring out of her ear - I think she was anticipating the same kind of pain that came with piercing them in the first place - but did just fine letting me put the new styles in. 

Hallie received a few additional pairs of earrings for her birthday, so the days of changing earrings frequently and to match every day's outfit have begun!

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