Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Vacation: Madison, WI (Part 3, Week 3)

It's possible I'm getting some of the events of our nearly four weeks in Madison chronologically confused, so my apologies if the pictures in these posts are slightly out of order...

Week three began with our family garage sale (though on a much smaller and drier scale than last summer), included lots of time spent playing outside in on the slip-and-slide and in the "swimming pool", and culminated with weekend visits from Tom and Uncle Jeff.

Oh, and lots and lots of "Cups".

Just like last year, the girls - in their matching outfits (they wore matching outfits every single day of the two weeks they spent together) - had a great time playing with all of the items we were trying to sell. Will flexed his entrepreneurial muscles by hosting a lemonade stand and donating 50% of his proceeds to the American Red Cross.

Despite the fact that Grandma sprayed the backyard almost daily and we put bug repellent on the kids every single time they went outside, the mosquitoes were awful.

The bugs didn't stop the kids from wanting to play in the backyard though. All three were especially big fans of anything water-related (including showering in the sprinkler), since it was one million degrees with 100% humidity outside every single day.

We encouraged bike riding, but only Will - who rode the 10K loop around the lake with Grandpa Paul and me and didn't get off his bike to walk EVEN ONCE - had any interest in that activity. The girls preferred the park.

Grandpa, Sara, and I led the kids outside to play in the rain and sail little wooden "boats" in the street streams, but the rain was so cold it took our breath away. Umbrellas made the activity possible for a few minutes, but then it started to thunder and lightening and we gladly went inside.

While Tom and Jeff were visiting we held our annual jam session with Chuck, checked out the new Ale Asylum Brewery, and drank beer, ate popcorn and Blue Moon ice cream, and danced to live music at the Union.

Shortly after this video was taken, Grandpa and Hallie wiped out (we're talking skinned faces and hands and a possible concussion) on the "dance floor" and Lily fell in the lake. All in an evening on the Terrace...

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