Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beautiful Balance Bike

Hallie was making absolutely zero progress learning to ride her Dora bike with training wheels, so we finally gave in and bought her a beautiful, pink balance bike. She loves it, and rides whenever she's out back on the patio. Unfortunately she's not out back on the patio all that often these days, thanks to the 100+ degree temperatures and oppressive humidity.

She also loves to just sit on the bike, so after taking a few pictures of Hallie riding her bike, I took a few close-ups of the faces she was making while sitting on it.

 I'm hopeful that by next summer I'll be able to report that Hallie has joined her brother as a no-training-wheels bike rider!


Thomas Ferris said...

do our kids ever wear shirts anymore?

Erin Leigh said...

No, they do not.